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Producing (old)

Lochlainn (A.K.A Locky) is a film and commercials director/producer from Cork, Ireland. 

He started directing in late 2014 and has already amassed a variety of works including his multi-award-winning debut short Pockets. 2015 brought new challenges and with it wonderful new work, notably the video for Danica Holland's debut single Love Games.

He is particularly interested in the work of Steve McQueen, Daniel Wolfe, Romain Gavras, Sofia Coppola and Lenny Abrahamson. 

Lochlainn has worked as an assistant director (1st, 2nd & 3rd), casting director, production coordinator and production manager in his very short career. He is now focused on producing gorgeous content for talented people and designing his own crazy and exciting new projects.

Lochlainn is currently based between Dublin and London. Having recently returned from directing a commercial in Ethiopia, Lochlainn is eager to work worldwide more often.

Most importantly - Lochlainn is a flag enthusiast and a proud supporter of the Irish football team. He is also a keen drinker of milk. 

Lochlainn is represented in Ireland by StormLight (